Q: What kind of socks does a pirate wear?
A: Q: What kind of socks does a pirate wear?
A: ARG-iyle -iyle

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Too Tall a Tale

Two modest puffs

Of the good stuff

Cuz life on blue earth

Is oh so rough

They don’t really care

They’re mostly unaware

And there ain’t no winner 

In a game of truth or dare

Guy’s Dancing for himself 

In front of a subway mirror 

He spit-shined the surface 

But that don't make things clear

When I grew up, teacher said:

“Always look both ways.

Don’t ever talk to strangers”

I miss them good ole’ days

Cold and all alone

With only an Obama phone

In the snow, he sees his breath

But the crystals will be his death

Now it’s for certain 

Bigfoot is real

We all know the government

And the devil been making deals

I want sleep without dreams

To fly without wings

To board up the windows

With driftwood and zinc

I want Casual dining 

And a New York fling 

While on my tippy toes

The water ain’t that deep

Not abandoned

Just ran far away

Not born again or saved

Doc, it all began 

Around 6th or 7th grade

I don’t make eye contact with strangers 

I know better than that

No curtsy, bow or fist-bump

No tipping of a hat

So much of this world’s unknown 

But I can tell you this 

When you think you’re all grownup 

You’re still a little kid

Blasphemously fortunate 

Piously under paid

No way they built the pyramids

With just tens of thousands of slaves

Multiple personalities 

Who will we be today?

We're all Missing something 

Only found within a grave

Cold cut like a hoagie

Got a new electric stogie 

It’s far too tall a tale

That this life has unveiled 

Too tall a tale…